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Shipwreckords has been a label since 2004. 

It is my main outlet for all musical activities, apart from a short stint at NXN Recordings (Sunday Songs + Eple Trio "5"), and the Eple Trio albums that was released on NORCD. 

Shipwreckords albums are distributed by The Orchard, who serves more or less all streaming and other digital outlets worldwide. 

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A Sense of Place

Release date

This album was first recorded with Andreas Ulvo (piano) and Mats Eilertsen (bass), in Bua Studio (Vallset). The songs have since been graced by Mathias Eick (trumpet), Jørgen Munkeby (saxophone), Embrik Snerte (bassoon), Mattis Myrland (vocals), Juhani Silvola (guitar), Sarah-Jane Summers (violin), and Hans Martin Austestad (banjo).

Music, lyrics, arrangement/production, and drums + drum machine + various elements by Jonas Sjøvaag. Recording, mixing, and mastering by Færder Audio. Cover and painting by Jonas Sjøvaag.