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Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet
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Time matures us. Four years and two months went by between the recording of and this album. In the course of these years this quartet has presented around 30 concerts with material from the earlier recording. It has been an inspiring and powerful experience to see that the tunes we recorded, which were written a long time ago, come alive every time they are played.

This new recording presents tunes that I have written during the past years. It also includes tunes that the other members of the quartet have composed, which we have shaped together as an ensemble. I also wanted to include a composition by someone else that appealed to me, as I did with “Portugalsong” on the first record. And in my collection of vinyl I found “Återsken” by Göran Fristorp, a recording that I had forgotten about. All the times I had listened to that one! Summers in Bergen and at Årdalstangen many years ago. The atmosphere, the people, the memories. I think "Drömvisa" (Dream song) is a beautiful song (with very nice lyrics too). I regard it as a real challenge to play a song straight through as I do here.

Simple, clean and lovely were our key words for the first quartet album. I am trying to continue that pattern here, with a focus on melody. At the same time I feel that this recording is more open and confident, while it is also inquisitive and searching.

It has been an unexpectedly inspiring experience to be able to complete and present this collection of new tunes for a classic jazz quartet. The music has led us here. And onwards. Time matures us.

Karl Seglem, June 2013.


1 Desembersongen 7:03 
2 Porten 5:04 
3 Angular Momentum 4:04
4 Din Folketone 7:17 
5 Dordei 5:32 
6 Drömvisa 4:39
7 Nordover 6:07
8 Inn i Juni 8:01 
9 Etter Snø (Odda) 5:21