Jonas Sjøvaag - photo by Pierluca Taranta

A Sense of Place

Released Nov. 3rd 2023. With Andreas Ulvo & Mats Eilertsen, plus guests.

Think of a Nick Drake meets a jazzy version of Talk Talk and Randy Newman, spiced with generous doses of Nordic melancholy (Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts)


Jonas H. Sjøvaag is a drummer, composer and artist, currently employed as a PhD fellow at University of Agder.

He is a talented and versatile artist, born with a creative spirit, Jonas has surely made a(n) significant impact in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and composer.

In addition to his talent as a songwriter, Jonas has also showcased his skills as a composer. His compositions are characterized by intricate melodies, rich harmonies, and a keen sense of musical storytelling. Whether creating music for jazz, pop, experimental ensembles or other artistic projects, Jonas has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of a story and enhance it through his musical arrangements.

A Life that Tip Toes / Music video

This is a track from the Sunday Songs album, featuring the wonderful Marie Munroe on backing vocals. 

It also has a very nice music video put together from family footage I got from Lone Eriksdatter Wilberg. 

Oh, the beautiful nostalgia..

Title still, from the video Itzama

Creating Itzama

"Itzama" is a track I made after deciding on a method in my artistic research practice. In that practice, the goal is to find "what music comes from fusing (my own) artistic identities (or "roles"; exact wording TBA). After creating the lyrics and the music, and after recording, mixing and mastering, I discovered lots of aspects which then gave ideas for a music video.
This video in turn needs to be displayed, which gave me a lot if ideas on how to do that. So, because of the concept of stone upon stone, I now have an installation, titled: Itzama - Spirit of rain