Jonas Sjøvaag - photo by Pierluca Taranta

Going out, coming home

New track with Hans Martin Austestad. Slow country ballad w/ vocals, FM-synth and electric guitar.


Jonas H. Sjøvaag is a drummer, composer and artist, currently employed as a PhD fellow at University of Agder.

He is a talented and versatile artist, born with a creative spirit, Jonas has surely made a(n) significant impact in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and composer.

In addition to his talent as a songwriter, Jonas has also showcased his skills as a composer. His compositions are characterized by intricate melodies, rich harmonies, and a keen sense of musical storytelling. Whether creating music for jazz, pop, experimental ensembles or other artistic projects, Jonas has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of a story and enhance it through his musical arrangements.
Blue for N0 - poster image

Blues for No

This is the piece "blues for N0", originally made for a presentation at Artistic Research Forum in Oslo, March 2024. It lives on YouTube and Instagram, and is the second iteration of my bot. This time it was given a text to read, and that text had a value on its own.

Title still, from the video Itzama

Creating Itzama

"Itzama" is a track I made after deciding on a method in my artistic research practice. In that practice, the goal is to find "what music comes from fusing (my own) artistic identities (or "roles"; exact wording TBA). After creating the lyrics and the music, and after recording, mixing and mastering, I discovered lots of aspects which then gave ideas for a music video.
This video in turn needs to be displayed, which gave me a lot if ideas on how to do that. So, because of the concept of stone upon stone, I now have an installation, titled: Itzama - Spirit of rain
Itzama installation

Itzama installation to be shown in Kristiansand

My installation piece, the Itzama stalagmite, will be shown at Kraftverk, Kristiansand, during, and beyond, the upcoming symposium of songwriting. It will happen from Nov. 8th till 9th, and the installation will be available for some time to come.