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Artworks and graphic design

I have worked as a graphic designer since 2003, primarily creating artworks and designs for album releases in various formats. A selection can be viewed below. 

Additionally I create things of a visual nature, many of which can be seen (and bought) at

The nature of my work on each cover varies greatly, but most often I am tasked with creating the entire design. This involves listening to the music, reading the title and liner notes, trying to understand the artist's vision, and then devising a visual concept to complement it.

Sometimes I take a suitable photo (or find one on my personal library), while other times I employ painting, printmaking or other techniques. In many cases, I create the designs only in the digital domain using AI and other tools, but not in the way they were intended to be used. 

I always engage in substantial post-processing and constantly flatten my layers to prevent the temptation of revisiting and changing previous versions. My aim is to move forward and make definitive decisions without relying on fallback options or safeguards. If a design doesn't work, I start anew.

Occasionally, I receive requests to assemble designs using pre-existing materials, but nowadays I typically decline such offers.

NYENOR6152 - cover front
Frederik Bech - cover front
Liksalmer cover front
A Sense of Place - front cover
Dag Filip Roaldsnes, Vegard Hasselgård / Snart skal jeg våkne
Jonas Sjøvaag / Bend like straws in the wind
Karl Seglem / Daudi Baldrs (single)
Karl Seglem / Mytevegar
Innlandet II
Andreas Ulvo / Lost in Space
Camilla Susann Haug / Himmelsk Ekvator
Busy City Streets
In That Dark Night
Water on the Moon front cover
Absolutt aleina
Look at everybody standing in line
Walk of Grief - SEA
Friday Night Fuzz - SEA
Look at everybody standing in line - front cover
Verdensmannen Thorbjørnsen / Sett fyr på mørket
Berit Opheim / Velsigna er dagen
Berit Opheim / Velsigna er dagen (single)
Christmas Song No. 1479
A Life that Tip Toes
Two Brothers
Elin Furubotn - Blikk
How do you know where we will go
Espen Berg - The Trondheim Concert
Mattisogjonas / I See Grief
Andreas Ulvo / Trust
Lys / Mørke slipcase
Harr og Hartberg
Sigurd Hole - Lys
Mr. Mibbler
Sigurd Hole - Mørke
Sunday Songs
Memorabilia - Mats Eilertsen
Christmas Songs
Magnar Karlsen / Jacob Young
Solitude Central
Eple Trio - Ghosts
Einar Flaa - Worry Chord
Post-biological Wildlife
Andreas Ihlebæk - Northern Lullabies
Ole Jørn Myklebust - Heimbygda mi
Alien Horticultures
Karl Seglem - Nunatak LP
Karl Seglem - Nunatak (CD)
Music for Cities
Thom Hell & Andreas Ulvo - julesanger
Karl Seglem - Recycling Nunatak (LP)
Portraits and Planets
Tora Augestad - Dialogues
Eirik Dørsdal - Sumi-E
Eple Trio - 5 - SHPWRK017
Mr. Dowland's Midnight - SRCD1021
Skyer over byen - SHPWRK018
West Wind Drift - SHPWRK016
Imaginary Archives Vol. 1 - 8NERVE001
Fragile - MERE016
8nerve002 - Sarah-Jane Summers
Mark Adderley / All plans last only until the first shot
Oslo 14 | NORCD1671
Håkon Storm / Volta Trio
Andreas Halmrast / SKOG003
Picidae / It's another wor d. / artwork by Oda Valle
Håkon Storm / Kobolt
Dag-Filip Roaldsnes / Lyd og stille
Andreas Ulvo / Unchangeable Seasons
Nærmere enn nå / SHPWRK015
Holum Trio / Heim
Ben Reddik / Gjemsel
Navyelectre Large Ensemble
Rolf Borch plays Houvenaghel's organ
Stille stykkje - LAB003 - Ingfrid Breie Nyhus
Abstraction in folk art / Ingfrid Breie Nyhus
Slåttepiano - Ingfrid Breie Nyhus - LAB004
Duplex / Én
Stian Omenås - Klangkammer II - NORCD1663 CD / Gatefold Vinyl
Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet / Live in Germany
Arild Andersen & Jonas H. Sjøvaag - Ancient Land, New Territory - SHPWRK011
To planeter i samme bane, single - Jonas Sjøvaag - SHPWRK012
Andreas Halmrast / Ei vinternatt innunder jul
Eple Trio / Universal Cycle
Mattis Myrland / Imperial Splendor
Andreas Haddeland trio / Tilhørighet
Eikrem & Jerve / Feeling, emotion
Parallax / Den tredje dagen
Duplex - sketches of
BOA / Moon over towns
Sheriffs of Nothingness / A winter's night at the crooked forest
Jon Eberson Group / The coarse sand & the names we wrote
Dag-Filip Roaldsnes / Først
Duplex / Duolia
The Humble Servants / Down to the bone
Håkon Storm / Fosfor
Jazz & fly fishing
Andreas Ulvo + Slagr / Softspeaker
Jon Eberson Group / Comfort Call
Nordic Namgar
In the Future
nude on sand
Ferner, Juliusson / Undertowed
Muringa / the unknown knowns
Streifenjunko / No longer burning
North of the North
Varianter av døde trær
Mural / Nectars of emergence
Vertex / Shapes & phases
Koboky Senjû / Selektiv hogst
Linda Kallerdahl / Let's dance
Stian Omenås / Klangkammer 1
Let's Let Go / Hilde Kjersem
Boschamaz / Rød
Okavango / Photogene
Håkon Storm / Zinober
Mattisogjonas / In the Future
Koan / Thresholds
Andreas Ulvo / Light and loneliness
Blix Band / Pinseria
Eplemøya Songlag
Lena Skjerdal / Home
Navyelectre / The Mourning
Sturla Eide / Triller
Meadow / Blissful ignorance
Eple Trio / In the Clearing, In the Cavern
Terje Engen / Big Shit
Tromsø Kunstforsyning / Tur
Bull of the year / Four Horns
Line Horneland
Seglem, Kallerdahl / Skoddeheimen
Eple Trio / The Widening Sphere of Influence
Eple Trio / Made This
Klaus Holm Kollektif
Navyelectre 1