The front cover of, birch branches, shot from below.

Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet
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Tenor saxophonist Karl Seglem, together with the Eple Trio, has created an album that breaks with his previous releases. At the same time, it is a clear continuation of his work as a musician, composer, and poet.

 "" is a melodic and melancholic CD recording with a traditional jazz quartet. It is a journey in a landscape where it is evident that Seglem has worked extensively with Norwegian folk music as a starting point for composition and improvisation, both in terms of sound and melody. Seglem himself says that he wanted to create a "beautiful, poetic, and pure jazz album." He had long dreamed of composing music for and recording an album with a classic jazz quartet, and now he has done it. 

Through melody, arrangement, and improvisation, the quartet appears as a highly harmonious group. It is difficult to write about the music without using words like contemplative and calm. It has a melancholic touch without leaving a sad feeling. The recording was done "live" in the studio, and the sound of Seglem's tenor saxophone in close harmony with the critically acclaimed Eple Trio reveals new aspects of Karl Seglem's compositions. 

The recording also includes a traditional folk tune from Norway and a fado from Portugal. "" is licensed to Ozella Music in Germany and will be internationally released in July 2009. The album marks a small anniversary: Seglem's 25th CD release. He is constantly venturing into new musical landscapes.


1 Portugalsong 3:57 
2 Nattsong 6:48 
3 Året Hallar 7:41 
4 Song for to 5:55 
5 Stengde dører 6:27 
6 Lull 5:50 
7 Sein song 5:07