Bend like straws in the wind, album front cover

Bend like straws in the wind

Sjøvaag / Ulvo / Eilertsen
Release date


Andreas Ulvo (piano)

Mats Eilertsen (bass)

Jonas Sjøvaag (vocals) 


Music & lyrics by Jonas Sjøvaag

Recorded at Bua Studios, by Jonas Sjøvaag

Mix & master by Færder Audio

Coverdesign by Supremeconnection 


Thursday 25th May, which is (due to a technical mishap) the day before the standard release day of the week (which is Fridays), I will release the song "Bend like straws in the wind" on all possible streaming services. It is part of the same project as "In That Dark Night" (the song that has been mentioned a few times before), and it utilizes the formidable abilities of Mats Eilertsen and Andreas Ulvo to convey things through fluctuations in the air, and then I sing along with them.

Great lyrics on this one, I think. It starts with "Be ready, I know stories from before you were born," which centers the song around a storytelling personality. It provides a solid starting point for the rest of the lyrics, and the way I see it, we can talk about the really big things, but in a way where the outline is sketched and the rest is open to interpretation. At least, that's how it's intended. Open to feedback!

In any case, the song can be pre-saved at the link below, while the lyrics can be analyzed already so that everyone is ready and fully understanding of everything on the 25th of May.



1 :Be ready
I know stories from before you were born,
of spaceships and people on the moon,
stones and dust, and
you and I spending a summer afternoon

2: Be ready
For something I'll pretend to be real, like:
pirates, occupying this entire lagoon,
the one we're in, maybe they were hiding and
sheltering from a typhoon

ref: Everything bends like straws in the wind
People, buildings, everything
and anything, if it does not bend
will crack, break, crash, offend
Death will truly be the end
If it does not bend in the wind

3: Be ready
There are clouds though we're still in July
Pierced by planes moving from A to C
then going back to B, then D
more like wasps than bees
I tell you

4: Be ready
I smell smoke and there's a fire
in our camp
And I tell you about those who lived here before
a million years ago, or maybe even more
we're spending a summer afternoon

(ref repeat)