An eye crying color squares, the front cover of Navyelectre "The Mourning"
The band, shot from above. Four young men looking into the camera
The band, shot from the side. Four young men looking at each other over a table
The band, shot from the front. Four young men looking into the camera

The Mourning

Release date

Navyelectre's newest record and the first in a series of five entitled 'AORTA'
Available in online stores from 1st of January 08. Official release February 20th 2008.

Album information:
Produced, arranged, composed & lyrics by Jonas Howden Sjøvaag.
Mixed by Audun Borrmann at Cabin Recorders, Oslo, Norway
Mastered by Brad Blackwood, Euphonic Masters , USA

Every instrument played by Jonas Howden Sjøvaag, with the exception of synth sax solo on 'Then spring exploded into light' by Jørgen Munkeby of Shining , and guitar solo on 'Skullduggery' by Even Helte Hermansen.

Geek listings:

Instruments used    
Mixing equipment     
Recording locations    
Food eaten during recording & mix (6 months)

Acoustic high strung guitar
Electric guitar
Roland synth
Casio SK-5 circuit bent by Daniel Park, USA

Sennheiser MD441
Microtech Gefell 92.1S (thanks Håvard)
Soundeluxe (thanks Audun)

Neumann KM 184, stereo pair (thanks Ivar)
ProTools HD

Dalsbergstien 12
Seilduksgata 25
Slemdalsveien 11
Sagveien 17

3 bananas
1 roastbeef sandwich
Carrots (2 kilos, approx.)
2 kebabs
50 slices of bread with (alternating or combined) cheese, ham, tomato, basil, cucumber, foies gras
10 liters of milk
3 salad Lyonnaise
100 cups of coffee
3 cups of tea
1 bottle (0,33 l) of Coke
4 club sandwich


1 The Mourning    7:30    
2 When You Lean Back to Fight a War    4:00    
3 Just Another Day    3:59    
4 The Fuse is Lit and the Fire is On    4:32    
5 Then Spring Exploded into Light    5:16    
6 Don't Ever Think You'll Win    3:34    
7 Up on Chrome Hill    6:12    
8 Skullduggery