Navyelectre "1", front cover. A dark silhouette, barely visible, of someone smoking a cigarette.


Release date

Jonas H. Sjøvaag's debut as a solo artist was first released in 2003 on the label Chewinpine. The reason for the new catalog number and label is that it has not been previously available in physical format, nor has it had professional distribution.

The entire album was created by Jonas H. Sjøvaag, from composition and lyrics to recording and playing numerous instruments, arranging, production, mixing, and cover design. The album received positive reception in the press, and here are some quotes:

"Navyelectre is not for everyone, but for many." - 5/7

"Tom Waits' cousin on a good acid trip." - 5/6, Dagbladet

"Eccentric musical cleverness." -


1 Never
2 Marvellous Day    
3 Julian    
4 Love Letter    
5 Of All That is Gone    
6 Papertowel Moon    
7 Behind    
8 Everybody Sing    
9 Lullaby    
10 Wedding Song    
11 Moon is Up    
12 October '67    
13 A Very Long night