Skyer over Byen, album front cover

Skyer over byen

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This album is Jonas Sjøvaag's first Norwegian full-length album and is an ambitious journey through various states, everyday and introverted, extroverted, flat, and hopeful. The lyrics are presented over compositions that are woven together from a range of different sources of inspiration, which is natural for a musician and composer with such a diverse background as is the case here.

Sjøvaag is otherwise a percussionist and composer, known for his collaboration with Karl Seglem, in the trio Eple Trio, with Andreas Ulvo and Sigurd Hole, and has had pop music as a hobby since 2003, primarily through work with the ensemble Navyelectre.

'Skyer over byen' consists of 8 tracks, all with lyrics, compositions, arrangements, and mixing by Jonas Sjøvaag.

The album sometimes falls under Norwegian folk songs, sometimes under spoken word, but mainly under umbrella terms such as "alternative," "indie," and perhaps also "rock." Whatever it is, it can at least be said that the lyrics have been given ample space and that they have largely shaped the sound and expression.

Thematically, these are relatively short reflections and thoughts from a city, which together form a larger picture. They can be interpreted as a life journey from start to finish and viewed in the light of profound existential questions or they can be seen as abrupt texts that each reflect on one of life's trivialities.



1 Dager

2 Et liv til

3 f&D

4 Kommer aldri frem

5 Skyer over byen

6 Svevestøv

7 Nærmere enn nå

8 To planeter i samme bane