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Premiere of new work in the art gallery Kunstbanken, Hamar, May 25th. The audience were able move freely during the performance, walking "into" and "through" the sound of the piece, listening to it at a distance or examining it up close, allowing the sound to accompany their experience of the visual elements (or vice versa).

Interobjective soundscapes

INTEROBJECTIVE SOUNDSCAPES is the title of a new project that explores different ways of experiencing music and sound.

The first work in the series, a piece called "4 rooms", was premiered by solo double bass on May 25th 2022 at the art gallery Kunstbanken in Hamar. The piece is however not exclusively written for double bass, and may be performed by whichever or by as many instruments as one likes.

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I am deeply honored and very happy to be awarded the German Music Critics´ Award (Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik) for my latest album RORAIMA in the category «Crossover productions» !

The prize, which is commercially independent and highly regarded, has four annual nominations in 32 categories featuring music from all over the world. The jury currently consists of 154 music critics from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.