Jonas H. Sjøvaag is a multi-talented artist and musician, working with everything from musical improvisational structures, pop music, photography, linographic and other prints, carving, digital artwork and editing, composing, drumming and web developement, to combinations of these or something completely different.

While listing David Hockney, Uta Barth, Tom Waits, Jan Garbarek, Jan Johansson and Hiroshi Sugimoto as major sources of inspiration, Sjøvaag has a unique touch and mode of expression, both in his visual work, as well as in his compositions and lyrics.

Jonas was born in München on Nov. 03, 1978, started playing classical piano at age 5. He had his solo debut with Vestfold Youth Symphony Orchestra at age 11. He started playing drums at age 10, and switched main focus to jazz drums at age 17.

Visual expression through drawing, painting, photography or other outputs has always been a big part of Sjøvaag's daily routine. An autodidact in the field, countless hours has been spent digesting books of technique, perspective, color, anatomy and art philosophy.

Personal info & experience

Personal information

Name Birth date Birthplace City Country
Jonas Howden Sjøvaag 03/11 1978 München, Germany 0153, Oslo Norway


Year Degree Institution
2006 to 2008 Master, improvised music Norges Musikkhøgskole
2002 to 2006 Bachelor, improvised music Norges Musikkhøgskole
2001 to 2002 Network Administrator IT Akademiet
1999 to 2000 UiO Blindern
1998 Private Compulsory military service
1994 to 1997 Artium Sandefjord VGS (High School)


Year Project name
2003 Eple Trio
2009 Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet
2008 mattisogjonas
2002 Navyelectre


Year Position Workplace
2001 Web + graphical designer Supremeconnection.no
2013 CEO Weblance AS
2001 Musician (Composer / founder / drummer / vocals) Navyelectre

Scholarships and grants

Year Title Description Venue
05/2013 Arts Council Norway Scholarship Norsk Kulturråd
01/2012 to 12/2012 Arts Council Norway Support of musical ensembles / Eple Trio Norsk Kulturråd
01/2011 FFUK Grant from Fund for performing artists (FFUK) FFUK
01/2009 to 12/2010 Arts Council Norway Scholarship for young artists Norsk Kulturråd
01/2006 Marit Brændhs Stiftelse Local scholarship for musical students


Albums as band member

Nineteen - single release, Jonas Sjøvaag, Shipwreckords 2022
How do you know where we will go?, Jonas Sjøvaag 2022
Sunday Songs, Jonas Sjøvaag 2021
Turmusikk, Jonas Sjøvaag, Shipwreckords 2021
Ghosts, Eple Trio 2020
Commuter Music, Jonas Sjøvaag, Shipwreckords 2020
Alien Horticultures, Shipwreckords 2019
I See Grief, Shipwreckords 2019
West Wind Drift, West Wind Drift, Shipwreckords 2017
Skyer over byen, Jonas Sjøvaag, Shipwreckords 2017
5, Eple Trio 2017
Nordic Balm, Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet 2016
Nærmere enn nå / Single / SHPWRK015, Jonas Sjøvaag, Shipwreckords 2016
To planeter i samme bane, single - Jonas Sjøvaag - SHPWRK012, Jonas Sjøvaag, Shipwreckords 2016
Ancient Land, New Territory, Sjøvaag / Andersen duo, Shipwreckords 2015
JazzBukkBox, Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet 2015
Large Ensemble, Shipwreckords, Navyelectre 2015
Universal Cycle, Shipwreckords, Eple Trio 2014
nyesongar.no, Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet 2013
The Mourning, Shipwreckords, Navyelectre 2010
In the Future, Shipwreckords, mattisogjonas 2010
In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD), Eple Trio 2010
Norskjazz.no, Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet 2009
The Widening Sphere of Influence, Eple Trio 2008
Made This, Eple Trio 2007
1, Navyelectre 2003


Cover Title Length Album
Electre 6:07 Made This
House 4:34 Made This
Insabbiati 6:15 Made This
Silversmith 4:20 Made This
In the Middle of the Night 6:12 Made This
First Monday of October 3:40 The Widening Sphere of Influence
Blackwater 5:02 The Widening Sphere of Influence
Triplex 5:18 The Widening Sphere of Influence
And There You Were In the Future
Linear Light In the Future
These Are Images In the Future
Humanoid In the Future
In the Future In the Future
Four In the Future
End In the Future
Greatest Joy on Earth 7:13 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
River Song II 9:53 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
In the Clearing 2:27 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
Birds of India 11:28 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
In the Cavern 6:29 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
The Mourning 7:30 The Mourning
When You Lean Back to Fight a War 4:00 The Mourning
Just Another Day 3:59 The Mourning
The Fuse is Lit and the Fire is On 4:32 The Mourning
Then Spring Exploded into Light 5:16 The Mourning
Don't Ever Think You'll Win 3:34 The Mourning
Up on Chrome Hill 6:12 The Mourning
Skullduggery 7:26 The Mourning
Coming Home
Setting Foot on Another Planet Universal Cycle
Island Sunrise Universal Cycle
In Our Home, Where We Live Universal Cycle
And Now, Many Days Have Passed Universal Cycle
Morning Stillness, Crisp Air Universal Cycle
On A Road That Never Ends Universal Cycle
Dordei 5:32 nyesongar.no
Etter Snø (Odda) 5:21 nyesongar.no
Better Off Dead Large Ensemble
A Tear in My eye Large Ensemble
Voice Perfume Large Ensemble
Interview With a Hobo Large Ensemble
Dead Mans Glory Large Ensemble
Slipping Through Large Ensemble
Johnny Always Stayed Large Ensemble
Seed Large Ensemble
This is Love Large Ensemble
Camera Roll Large Ensemble
Never 1
Marvellous Day 1
Julian 1
Love Letter 1
Of All That is Gone 1
Papertowel Moon 1
Behind 1
Everybody Sing 1
Lullaby 1
Wedding Song 1
Moon is Up 1
October '67 1
A Very Long night 1
Lærad / Einherjedansen 2:56 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Ventande 4:16 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Veksande 2:58 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Vandrande vågal 6:19 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Vaktande 3:39 JazzBukkBox
Aurora 5:50 Ancient Land, New Territory
Sacred Rituals 7:39 Ancient Land, New Territory
Hidden Passage 2:31 Ancient Land, New Territory
Starwatcher 3:40 Ancient Land, New Territory
For Life, Eternal 3:18 Ancient Land, New Territory
Atmosphere 6:36 Ancient Land, New Territory
Shadow Dance 4:03 Ancient Land, New Territory
Offering 2:38 Ancient Land, New Territory
Nightfall 3:44 Ancient Land, New Territory
To planeter i samme bane 4:17 To planeter i samme bane, single - Jonas Sjøvaag - SHPWRK012
Nærmere enn nå 3:38 Nærmere enn nå / Single / SHPWRK015
Lys i Glaset 4:53 Nordic Balm
Helgheim 4:57 Nordic Balm
I See Grief 6:38 I See Grief