Eple Trio

Eple trio is a Norwegian contemporary jazz trio playing their own original music. The group have been playing together for several years, slowly developing musical interaction and expanding the soundscape and possibilities of the modern trio.

The group have released four albums:

Universal Cycle (2014) Wimp More shops here

In the Clearing / In the Cavern (Double album - 2010) iTunes Wimp Spotify

The Widening Sphere of Influence (2008) iTunes WimpSpotify

Made This (2007) iTunes WimpSpotify

All albums have received great reviews in the Norwegian and international press, and can be bought on ITUNES, CDON.COM, or in other online or physical record stores.
Eple Trio's members are highly acclaimed musicians on the Norwegian music scene, collaborating with some of Norways finest, such as Karl Seglem, Mathias Eick and Jon Eberson.

On their third release, the double album ‘In the Clearing / In the Cavern,’ Eple trio shows how they are in complete control of their format. Since their last release in 2008 they have grown both in form and expression, and appear as confident musicians and representatives for modern contemporary jazz.

The album was recorded deep within the Swedish forests by Sjur Miljeteig and Peder Kjellsby. This is heard in both the sonic qualities of the recording, as well as in the qualities dwelling in the performances and the music stretching just beyond 60 minutes in total.
In the liner notes, written by Jonas H. Sjøvaag, it says that ‘this is in many ways programme music [...] a sonic description of a part of the Northern hemisphere.’ This can be heard in the subtle references to Norwegian folk music, in passages resembling the Swedish pianist Jan Johansson, and you can sense them in the images created in us when listening. The music is all original, written by Jonas H. Sjøvaag and Andreas Ulvo, or by Eple Trio. It has been arrange by Eple Trio, and mixed by Peder Kjellsby, Jonas H. Sjøvaag and Andreas Ulvo. Sjøvaag also made the artwork, and took the cover and booklet photos.


Eple Trio // Live at 'Det Mørke Rommet' - Oslo

6 years 7 months ago

Jazzens ti på topp / Jazz top ten 2014 - Dagsavisen

8 years 9 months ago

Jazzens ti på topp - 2014
Jazz top 10 - 2014

By Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen

We're very happy to report that the album 'Universal Cycle' by Eple Trio is on Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisens list of best jazz albums of 2014.

1. Large Unit: «Erta Ale». Paal Nilssen Loves store band med elleve norske jazz-musketerar spelar alle andre av banen.

2. Eple Trio: «Universal» Cycles. Sterk norsk pioner og pianotrio feira tiårsjubileum med fjerde og beste album.

3. Ola Kvernberg & TrondheimSolistene: «The Mechanical Fair». Stort eller lite band, Ola Kvernberg skapar

4. Eldbjørg Raknes og Oscar Grönberg: «You Make Me Feel». Årets musikalske lukketreff mellom ei stemme og eit piano.

5. Come Shine: «Red And Gold». Live Marie Roggen og dei andre strålar i nasjonens mest populære jazzband.

6. Ellen Andrea Wang: «Diving». Bassist og vokalist på djupt vatn strålar med nytt band og sitt første soloalbum.

7. Helge Lien Trio: «Badgers and other beings». Helge Liens beste trio med åttande og beste plate for grevlingar og andre.

8. Spunk: «Adventura Botanica». Etter snart tjue år er dei fire jente-spunkarane i sitt ess i den botaniske hagen.

9. In The Country & Frida Aannevik: «Skogenes sang». Frida Aannevik syng Hans Børli med sitt hippaste band.

10. Elin Rosseland: «Vokal». Rosseland, Karl Seglem og 21. kvinnestemmer i alle slags konstellasjonar.

Original article: http://www.dagsavisen.no/helg-nye-inntrykk/jazz/eit-jazz%C3%A5r-med-smel...

EPLE TRIO | Live stream from Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

9 years 15 hours ago

Watch our anniversary concert, live from Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo!

Exclusive pre-listen of Universal Cycle available at Wimp.no

9 years 6 days ago

House / Eple Trio live in Sendesaal, Bremen 2014

9 years 5 months ago

House (from Made This (2007)) performed live at Sendesaal, Bremen, 2014
Composed by Jonas Howden Sjøvaag

Moon Tint / Eple Trio live in Sendesaal, Bremen 2014

9 years 5 months ago

Moon Tint (from Made This (2007)) performed live at Sendesaal, Bremen, 2014
Composed by Sigurd Hole

Eple Trio / First Monday in October / Live at Sendesaal, Bremen

9 years 5 months ago

Music from Norway | By John Kelman

9 years 10 months ago

"Why and how has the Norwegian scene managed to build such a reputation, not just on its own turf but around the world? There are a number of answers to that question, but first and foremost is a commitment to the arts that began more than 40 years ago and which has, unlike so many other countries, remained a priority ever since. When Sverre Lunde, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke at the 2013 Punkt Festival in Kristiansand – announcing that, after nine years, the Ministry would be providing some well-deserved (and much needed) financial support to the festival, and that Punkt was now considered amongst the country’s elite events – what was, perhaps, an even more compelling statement was that the country’s goal has been to devote a full one percent of its budget to culture. That means that last year, in 2012, ten billion Norwegian Kroners – nearly 1.7 billion US dollars – was devoted to the arts. As a Canadian in a bilingual country, there’s a French word to describe this: incroyable!"

Read more here: http://musicnorway.no/2013/10/28/music-from-norway-just-how-important-is...

Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet | Live in Marburg 2013 | "Northbound"

9 years 10 months ago

Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet | Live in Marburg 2013 | "Inn i Juni"

9 years 10 months ago

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Jonas Howden
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Andreas Ulvo
Composer / arranger
Sigurd Hole
Composer / arranger
Jonas Sjøvaag
Drums, keys
Composer / arranger

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