I See Grief

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I S E E G R I E F:

I see grief, and I feel sorrow
Every day, every tomorrow
Let's see how it goes, as we move through the shadows
and talk in verse, more than prose
Let's see how it goes
Let's see how it goes

For themselves, at all of our mercy
It's all blurred, and it's all dirty
All of their words, from illiterate mouths, they
Lie through their teeth, cheat and oppose
Everybody knows
Everybody knows

If you believe
that tomorrow will never come
If you believe
That tomorrow will never come
It will never come
Never come
Never come

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Appearing as

Drummer, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Photographer, Designer, Keys, Label manager


# Title Length Composer
1 I See Grief 6:38 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag, Mattis Myrland

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